You are very welcome to visit our stores in the Prinsenstraat Amsterdam. 

Margriet Nannings Stores
Men Store: Prinsenstraat 6, 1015DC, Amsterdam, T. 0031 20 6203413
Women Store: Prinsenstraat 8, 1015DC, Amsterdam, T. 0031 20 6207672
Outlet: Prinsenstraat 15, 1015DC, Amsterdam, T. 0031 20 4202097


The first Margriet Nannings store openend in 1988. Located in the old centre of Amsterdam, this area was not a thriving shopping area yet. Since then two more Margriet Nannings shops opened in the same street, de Prinsenstraat.

Ever since the opening Margriet has been a connoisseur in the field of fashion and trends. Since a young girl she had an eye for fashion and all things beautiful. From the start she has been selecting the most high end, exclusive and creative fashion brands out there to sell in her shops, for both men and women. Many times it has been a platform for young unknown designers. Apart from selling other designer brands Margriet Nannings has a well established name with her own brand. Selling her collection all around the world.

The Margriet Nannings stores are set in three typical historic Amsterdam buildings, all with their own character.

From the shop's early days, Margriet attracted customers who still assemble their collections every season after so many years. We can now count new generations among our loyal customers. A lot of our clientele have a creative background. Designers, painters, architects, but also politicians and medical specialists love to buy their outfits at Margriet Nannings.

Within the choice of each brand Margriet picks out a well thought selection, each with their unique color palettes and shapes. All brands will combine perfectly in store every season. Because She mixes hi-end brands with less expensive pieces, it is a perfect place and way to spend your clothing budget.

Unfortunately due to Covid19 many physical stores in Amsterdam had to close their doors and having online shopping as a very big competitor, we do believe and hold on to a place where having a strong collection and personal attention are very important. A place where you can look and touch the collections. Where you can be inspired by materials and color and therefor serving customers in a nice shopping experience. Thanks to Margriet’s great sense of fashion, our many loyal customers and new generations and our loving staff the Margriet Nannings stores will continue as they are.